Trimming tips for trees in Florida

All plants require some special knowledge – how much water and sunlight they like, what fertilizers are best for them, and when to prune them. Knowing how to take care of trees, shrubs and plants can keep them healthy and beautiful for many years.

Raising healthy trees and other plants in Florida’s warm, humid climate presents some specific issues that need to be addressed by would-be landscapers, but it can be a year-round hobby as well.

Most regions of the United States have specific periods of the year that are better for pruning and trimming trees. For the majority of Florida, however, the weather is warm enough that trimming can be done at any time of the year.

Remember that trimming only means mild shaping and small limb removal. Pruning is much more invasive and should only be done in the warmest summer months, from late March to early October. Even though Florida temperatures don’t get frigid, cooler weather can still damage a freshly pruned tree. Read More